Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Headline News (Last Month Only)

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November 24, 2017, New Release from Starfleet Studios, Quick Trek (Live Action parody,
Silver Age, costumes, special effects), Episode 1, "Janeway's Quest," (3:41).  For more from Starfleet Studios, see

November 23, 2017New Release from Vance Major (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props, Late Stone Age ), "Cageless,"  For Vance Major's prior releases see

November 19, 2017, Find, None the Wiser (Silver Age Cartoon parody) April 2007).  For more short comedy and parody films see

November 17, 2017, New Release from Vance Major (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props, Silver Age ) set aboard the USS Constar with Captain Minard, "Mr. O'Sullivan's Bakery,"  For Vance Major's prior releases see

November 15, 2017, New Release from Vance Major, (Live action, adult fans, costumes, props, Silver Age ) set aboard the USS Constar with Captain Minard, "Stand With Me," (8:29).  For Vance Major's prior releases see

November 13, 2017, MAJOR NEW AND FINAL RELEASE from Star Trek Continues,  (Professional actors and writers, live action, sets, costumes, CGI, Golden Age) "To Boldly Go: Part 2," or Vimeo Russian Language  For all prior releases from Star Trek Continues, as well as reviews of those releases, see, at the new Star Trek Reviewed website!  It will be more flexible and easier to use when it's done, but for now, we are bringing up the pages one at a time.  The Star Trek Continues page is first!

November 12, 2017ANNOUNCEMENT, Star Trek Reviewed is moving to a new website. We need volunteers who can help us with data entry as we copy data from Blogspot to our new host. No skills are required. You just need an internet connection, a keyboard, and a willingness to diligently copy data from one source to another. If you're interested in helping STR take its next big leap forward, please write to the team at

November 11, 2017, FIND, (Live action, parody, costumes, Silver Age, 1995) Star Trash: The Nixed Generation (1995)  The permanent Home of Star Trash: The Nixed Generation will be

November 3, 2017, Major New Release from Project Defiant, (Live Action, Mirror Universe, Sets, Costumes, Props, Special Effects) "The Hill" (16:04).  For more films about Project Defiant and other films by Vance Major, See

November 1, 2017, New Release from Curt Danhauser's Guide to Animated Star Trek, (Animation in the style of TAS) Star Trek Logical Thinking #7: "Argumentum Ad Antiquitam" (Appeal to Tradition):  For links to all of Curt Danhauser's prior releases which remain on the web, see

October 30, 2017, FIND, (Golden Age, High School project for a grade), Star Trash(1980)
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:,
For more Star Trek School and Church Projects, see

A new page has been set out for all types of Guidance for Fan Filmmakers, here;  This includes both links about the new CBS Guidelines and previous materials that had been at Blog 249.

This website claims to track all changes made to Star Trek Reviewed: change log

I created my own similar tracking page: change log.  They appear to track only the changes in this top log.

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